Evening Reception

Normally the evening reception simply rolls on from the Banquet with additional guests joining for the evening.

The Harbour Room is large enough to accommodate a live band in addition to a discotheque and the dance floor can be located in different parts of the room depending on the preference.
Everything takes place in the one room to keep the party atmosphere going.
Later in the evening a light buffet is recommended with the emphasis being on light so your guests can still mingle as the evening progresses.
We also supply reliable and professional security during the evening event for the protection and safety for you and all your guests at no extra charge.

A Georgian manor on the shores of an estuary, Slebech Park Estate is a deliciously romantic hideaway, It’s a unique retreat with a millennia of history to explore.

November 2019

A stunning place in a stunning location. My room was totally unique

December 2018

The 'Guardian' Newspaper Top 50 Country B&B'S/Hotels 2018

November 2018

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