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Wedding Breakfast

At Slebech Park Estate, we understand that the wedding breakfast is much more than a meal – it's the heart of your celebration. With this in mind, we are committed to crafting an experience that aligns with your personal tastes and echoes your unique love story.

Our wedding breakfast options are as varied as they are exceptional, anchored by our unwavering dedication to food quality and service excellence. We take pride in using the finest locally sourced Welsh ingredients, complemented by produce from our own vintage riverfront gardens. Each dish is a testament to our region's rich bounty and our culinary team's creativity and skill.

Accompanying our delectable cuisine is service that is both professional and attentive, warmed by our famed Pembrokeshire hospitality. While we do offer curated menus for convenience, we revel in the opportunity to create something truly unique for you. Should you wish for a bespoke dining experience, our chef would be delighted to meet with you and design a menu that reflects your preferences and adds a truly personal touch to your wedding breakfast.

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